COVICOAT is a Self Disinfecting Surface Coating made up of US EPA certified agents which protects your home and office surfaces from bacteria or any other microbial growth.

COVICOAT forms a triple layered security of nano needles, nano capsules and non sacrificial properties that rupture the membrane of microbes making them ineffective

The nanoparticles in the COVICOAT bind at molecular level with the surface and protect the surface from all disease causing bacteria and microbes for upto 90 DAYS!

COVICOAT can be applied to all surfaces.

COVICOAT Applicable on any surface & stays for upto 90 days

A Nano-technology based formula gives you protection from germs and bacteria 24×7 for upto 90 Days

US EPA Ingredients

With US EPA registered antimicrobial active ingredients, it is highly effective on communal touch points

Creates a nano-film on surfaces

The coating bonds with the surface at the molecular level and creates a nano-film on the surface to fight against germs, bacteria & other microbes

Completely Safe & harmless

With Eco-friendly ingredients, it can be used easily anywhere & is completely safe for human touch


The coating creates a needle like matrix structure on the surfaces & physically ruptures the outer layer of germs, bacteria and other microbes coming in the contact.
The nano encapsulation accentuates the overall performance by complimenting the physical control.
The active ingredients’ anti-microbial properties further help in destroying the microbes.

DIY – Disinfect It Yourself


ATP SWAB Testing

A simple hand-held device that can measure the efficiency of the coating applied on any surface.

Adenosine Triphosphate is a chemical compound found in all living cells. 

By detecting the amount of ATP on a surface, ATP testing can clearly identify microbial growth on that particular surface before and after COVICOAT coating is applied. 


If You Take A Professional Service

The professional will bring the test kit, take a swab sample from the coated surface, and test for any microbial activity on the surface.


If you are an organization, institution, or individual and performing the disinfection process by yourself, you can easily purchase an ATP test kit for frequent testing.

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